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Secret Cod3s v2.0

Finally I had some spare time to update Secret Cod3s application. It now has decent UI following Google’s latest guidelines.I hope you like it. Even more I hope you find it useful :-). Grab your copy from Google Play now. Give it a few minutes to go all around the world and be updated on […]

Secret Cod3s v1.0.1

I’d like to announce a bug fix release. Actually, not 100% bug fix as I have added reload button on category list screen. Regarding the bug. There was a force close when you have tried to rotate the device during “loading…” session. It was a common problem with basic handling of separate thread and ProgressDialog. […]

Secret Cod3s

You probably have seen the donate button somewhere around. 🙂 It is because of the new application I’m just releasing into Android Market. It will be free for anyone. But because it uses server which hosts databases with codes I’d like to ask you for a small donation if you like the app. In the […]