SDK on 64-bit operating systems

I have upgraded my hardware recently. I wanted it to be a little faster and reliable. Unfortunately I have decided to install 64-bit operating system. I have selected Fedora linux as I’m with Fedora from it’s beginning (before I have used RedHat linux distros from version 6.1). Why “unfortunately” someone may ask? Is it anything […]

APK for non-marketers

I’ve just realized that some devices may have Android Market access disabled. As far as I know many tablet users have no possibility to access it. For all of them I decided to share APK file here. Feel free to download it. Please report results together with device name. YAMTT.apk

Still working…

I have just wanted to say, that I’m still working on new features of YAMTT application. I have received several suggestions and trying to implement them all at once. By the way, thank you very much for all the support, all the comments. Also thanks for all words of criticism.

YAMTT v1.3

I have a good day today. Another quick release. It brings Polish language to the application. If you want to help me translate it to your language – just contact me. I will send you the details.

YAMTT v1.1

I have just added unlimited number of touch events recognized by the application. Of course it is impossible to test it as there is no Android device supporting more than 5 touch events. Biggest number of touch events supported seem to have Samsung Galaxy S / Vibrant so far. Please let me know if you […]

YAMTT v1.0

YAMTT stands for Yet Another MultiTouch Tester. This is another application which you can use to test multitouch capability of your mobile device. The application is as simple as possible. It uses just View to draw on and handles onTouchEvent to collect touch events and do the drawing. The application does not collect any data […]


No. This is no Hello Android example article. I just wanted to say hello to anyone visiting this page. You probably have landed here because you have seen (or even installed) my first Android application – YAMTT. I will be thankful for any opinion about the application. When you have found a bug feel free […]