Android Studio and Google Maps v2

Many of Android developers are struggling with Android Studio and Google Maps Android API v2 (or Google Play Services library in general). Well, there should be no problem when you import the project from Eclipse or from InteliJ IDEA. But try to create a new project – you will see nothing but errors. I don’t like […]

Very disappointing Galaxy S3 :-(

Well… I’m very disappointed. It seems that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is not so high-end, top-level device as everybody say. It all started from one of suggestions you gave me. Some of you wanted me to implement pressure recognition in YAMTT. I have finally found some time to do it. OK, I had to find a […]

Secret Cod3s v2.0

Finally I had some spare time to update Secret Cod3s application. It now has decent UI following Google’s latest guidelines.I hope you like it. Even more I hope you find it useful :-). Grab your copy from Google Play now. Give it a few minutes to go all around the world and be updated on […]

YAMTT v2.0.2

I have decided to update YAMTT application. Version 2.0.2 should fix nasty issue which caused application force close in some really strange cases. Additionally I have decided to introduce ads. Thanks for anyone who click on it. If you want to disable the ads – just turn off the network. It works with any application. […]

Secret Cod3s v1.0.1

I’d like to announce a bug fix release. Actually, not 100% bug fix as I have added reload button on category list screen. Regarding the bug. There was a force close when you have tried to rotate the device during “loading…” session. It was a common problem with basic handling of separate thread and ProgressDialog. […]

YAMTT v2.0

I have just uploaded new version of my Yet Another MultiTouch Test application. Anyone who has the application installed should see update notification in the Market application soon. I have implemented a new feature – paint mode. Of course it is for testing purposes only so do not expect anything like GIMP or Photoshop there. […]

YAMTT – update soon

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share, that YAMTT will receive an update soon. I’m testing now completely new feature I have added. I hope you will like it. Don’t expect anything amazing. Just another way to play with multitouch-capable screens. Give me just a few more days.

Secret Cod3s

You probably have seen the donate button somewhere around. 🙂 It is because of the new application I’m just releasing into Android Market. It will be free for anyone. But because it uses server which hosts databases with codes I’d like to ask you for a small donation if you like the app. In the […]