The page is dedicated to Android development. Android is Google answer to Apple iPhoneOS/iOS. Quite succesful answer in my opinion. Ok, sto babbling, let’s begin…


  1. Hi my name is Joe. I was interested in using your application on a tablet I got recently. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get the app since the android market I have is having some issues. Would it be possible for me to get the apk file so i can load it onto my tablet directly? Thank you.

  2. Dear Andrzej,

    I was able to get the program running on the tablet PC I received from a friend, thank you. On a side note, I recently purchased the HD7 by HTC. I wanted to run a similar app as the one you have made, but since the OS is WP7 I tried looking for multi-touch app but came up empty. Since I do not know much about writing apps myself, I wanted to ask you if you knew of any such apps for WP7 OS. Please let me know your suggestions, thank you once again for all your help.


    1. Unfortunately I have no experience with Windows Phone 7 (and any previous WinMo) so I cannot help you. I have tried to google for the subject but found no results that make sense.

  3. Hi Andrzej,

    Just wanted to say thanks, your app has been pretty cool to just test out on different phones to see how many fingers they support. I just have a few questions that I would like to run by you.

    1. Your app supports unlimited amount of touches, does it do any filtering at all prior to displaying them on the screen (same as dev tool’s pointer location?) ?

    2. For some reason, when you have two or more fingers on any device at the same time, if you take only 1 finger off it does not refresh right away and stays on the screen. Since this is the case for all multi-touch apps with the exception of pointer location, don’t know if its an OS issue or some other issue?

    thanks a lot for your help.

    1. 1. It does not filter anything. Just display the points (and move them) when the events appear.
      2. It is application case. It refreshes the view on move event not when pointer up event fires.

      BTW. I want to add some noew features for the app, one of them will be exact matching of touches. This will need some limits on number of touches handled. But unfortunatelly, lack of free time does not allow me to work on the app right now.

      1. I see, thanks for your explanation.

        So the refresh happening only during move event is more of an application limitation that you are looking at fixing already.

        Either way, it is an awesome app and I have actually tested out your apps on many of the tablets on the market and wanted to give you rundown of the amount of touches I have seen so far.

        Viewsonic Viewpad and G pad- 2 touch
        Samsung Galaxy Tab – 5 touch

  4. Is it possible to have a mode where your app runs in the background & shows where you are touching when using another app? I have a python script that simulates touch-drag on the phone but I would like to be able to see where the script is ‘touching’.

    1. I can imagine that there is some sort of service which listens for the touch events and then draws marks on the surface. The surface should be transparent. It’s very interesting… but impossible for me at the time… too busy with other tasks right now. And I have no idea when I will have some spare time to play with Android again… 🙁

  5. Dear Andrzej,

    I am having difficulty in downloading the latest version for YAMTT app from the Play store. Please can you help me to get the apk file so I can install on my phone.

    Thank you.

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