YAMTT v1.0

YAMTT stands for Yet Another MultiTouch Tester. This is another application which you can use to test multitouch capability of your mobile device. The application is as simple as possible. It uses just View to draw on and handles onTouchEvent to collect touch events and do the drawing. The application does not collect any data from your phone – as you can see during install it doesn’t use any Android Permissions.

YAMTT shows the data as they appear during the touch event. It calls event.getPointerCount() to see how many fingers you have placed on the screen of your device. So if you places 3 fingers and the application has noticed only two – it is hardware limitation of your device. It is also possible that driver written by the manufacturer is hacked to limit touch events recognized by your hardware. Such situation appear with Samsung Galaxy Spica/Lite (i5700) which is capable of dualtouch but recognizes only single touch. You can use dualtouch on the device using modded kernel.

Devices known to work with the application:

  • Samsung Galaxy S / Vibrant (5 touches) – thanks Jesus
  • Samsung Epic (6 touches!) – thanks Alex
  • Motorola Droid (dualtouch) – thanks Andrew, Lucas
  • Samsung Galaxy Spica/Lite (single touch)
  • HTC HD2 – WinMo phone running FroYo (dualtouch) – thanks Haji

Please let me know if you have tested it with other device. I will be very thankful.

Also, if you have any suggestion – just leave a comment below. Sorry for moderating the comments.

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