Very disappointing Galaxy S3 :-(

Well… I’m very disappointed. It seems that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is not so high-end, top-level device as everybody say. It all started from one of suggestions you gave me. Some of you wanted me to implement pressure recognition in YAMTT. I have finally found some time to do it. OK, I had to find a time because I have noted a new crash log appear. The bug fix was not so hard so I decided to look into the code and see how to handle pressure. It also appeared very easy so I did it. I have uploaded an APK to my phone which actually is Samsung Galaxy S3. The results are very disappointing. Samsung Galaxy S3 DOES NOT support pressure recognition. Every other device I was testing handle pressure recognition with no problem. Some of them better, some of them worse but they DO. Not the S3.

I have just tested Galaxy Mini 2. Guess what – IT HANDLES PRESSURE RECOGNITION!!! It seems that besides S3 only grandpa Galaxy S and grandma Galaxy S Plus does not support pressure recognition.

Does anyone want to buy almost new Galaxy S3, color blue, mint condition, 4 months old, 20 months of warranty, invoice included… 😉

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